Small Group Guidelines

QUEST Small Group Guidelines

The QUEST program was designed to encourage students, faculty and staff to form meaningful groups dedicated to ongoing spiritual formation of those who attend. These gatherings are typically for worship, prayer, praise, and/or Bible study.

The QUEST app provides a tool for students to find, select and attend approved spiritual formation events to meet their semester SFE requirement.

Guidelines for QUEST (spiritual formation) event requests

NOTE: Please do not request Q​uest​ credit for use as a regular planning meeting for your group or organization. Groups in need of a time for planning, preparation or class work should find an alternative meeting time, or each member must be willing to not receive Q​uest event credit.

1. Small groups will be approved for Quest​ credit if they fit the criteria for spiritual formation. The primary purpose of approved Quest​ events is spiritual formation.

  • QUEST credit will not be approved for organization planning meetings.
  • Small groups meeting for academic projects, class work or other grade-bearing assignments will not be considered for Quest​ credit.

2. In order to apply for Quest​ credit, a small group must secure a faculty or staff sponsor who is willing to lead/partner with student leaders of the small group.

  • Students should discuss the purpose and plan for the small group with the faculty or staff sponsor, as well as pertinent details (meeting location, day of week, time of day, etc.
  • If the faculty or staff member agrees to serve as sponsor for the small group, he/she must complete the online Quest application.

3. Ask the faculty or staff sponsor to complete the online Quest application.

  • Only the faculty or staff advisor should complete the online Quest​ event application.
  • The Quest application must be completed at least 5 business days before the first requested event.
  • A student leader may be designated on the Quest​ application as the contact person and/or designated proctor for the small group.

4. Sponsor responsibilities

  • Advisors are responsible for the monitoring and completion of the Quest​ attendance processes.
  • Advisors are encouraged to regularly attend the Q​uest​ events they sponsor, but they can designate a student leader to serve as the attendance proctor if necessary. Anyone who serves in this role must complete the required training before the first meeting of the small group.
  • The faculty/staff sponsor of the Quest event​ is responsible for reserving a location for their meeting prior to completing the application. Room reservations must be made through the appropriate office of the building where the group will meet.
  • The faculty/staff sponsor must complete the online application at least 5​business days before the first requested event. Neglecting to do so may result in the inability to earn attendance credit for this time.

5. Important details about credit for small groups:

  • Small groups may request Quest​ credit once a week, once a month, or every other week.
  • Each small group may only meet once per week for credit. Additional meetings during the same week will not count for credit.
  • Each time the small group meets at the approved date/time, the advisor/designated proctor should verify the attendance record using the​Quest app.
  • Failure to follow the Quest program procedures may result in loss of attendance documentation. It is important to each student who attends that the sponsor/designated proctor complete the attendance process accurately.

If you have questions regarding any of these details, please contact the Spiritual Formation office at 325-674-2932 or