On-Campus Employment Exemption

All on-campus offices should follow the procedures and policy below in order to gain an exemption from Chapel for any student employee required to attend Chapel.

A. Policy

Undergraduate student employees may not be scheduled for work in campus offices during Chapel. Any exception to this policy must be approved by the vice-president or provost of the division in which the student would be employed. (Developed and approved by President’s Cabinet, August 2003)

B. Rationale

ACU requires that students earn 128 academic hours in order to graduate.  ACU also requires that students attend Chapel a specific number of times in order to graduate.  Both are important in the education of a student for Christian service and leadership worldwide. Students who wish to work-- whether on campus or off campus-- are expected to plan their schedules so that both of these university requirements can be met.

C. Procedure

  1. Exemption requests (see below) are due by the end of the second week of school or within two weeks from the beginning date of employment. 

  2. Student completes the request and seeks appropriate attachments: current class schedule and a letter from employer.

  3. For working on-campus, the student or employer must get an additional signature on the form and/or the attached letter from the area's vice president or provost before submitting their request. NOTE: Most vice presidents require signatures from supervisors and managers up the rank BEFORE it arrives in their office.

  4. When a student submits a request for an on-campus job, it will not be accepted without the vice president or provost signature on the form or letter.

  5. When a student submits a request for an on-campus job with appropriate signatures, it will go through the regular approval process and the student will be given a rolling (weekly) exemption in the Chapel Banner Form.

  6. At the end of the semester, a Discoverer report of all students with an exemption and the office where they worked will be printed. This report will be sent to the President's Cabinet for review.

D. Chapel Exemption Request Instructions

  1. Read the Guidelines and Information and Instructions completely.
  2. Download a Chapel Exemption Request
  3. Print the request form
  4. Read and fill out the request completely
  5. Print your class schedule from myACU or Banner Web
  6. Attach this class schedule (or one from your advisor) to the Request.
  7. Attach the employment letter with (1) date of letter, (2) beginning work date, (3) your name, (4) days and times you work, (5) employer signature and contact phone number. These items MUST be on the letter and the letter MUST be attached to the exemption request for approval.
  8. Turn in a request form with attachments to The Depot, located in the Campus Center or to the Chapel Office, located in the lower level of the Campus Center, Room 29. Requests are due by the second Friday of the semester. After that, requests may be submitted within two weeks from the beginning date of employment. 
  9. Late requests will not be accepted