Off-Campus Employment Exemption

  1. Read the Chapel Guidelines and Information Instructions completely.

  2. Download a Chapel Exemption Request

  3. Print the request form

  4. Read and fill out the request completely

  5. Print your class schedule from myACU or Banner Web

  6. Attach this class schedule (or one from your advisor) to the Request.

  7. Attach the employment letter with (1) date of letter, (2) beginning work date, (3) your name, (4) days and times you work, (5) employer signature and contact phone number. These items MUST be on the letter and the letter MUST be attached to the exemption request for approval.

  8. Turn in a request form with attachments to The Depot, located in the Campus Center or to the Chapel Office, located in the lower level of the Campus Center, Room 29. Requests are due by the second Friday of the semester. After that, requests may be submitted within two weeks from the beginning date of employment.

  9. Late requests will not be accepted