Service Learning for Faculty

Steps to Creating a Service-Learning Course

  • Contact us and let us know that your interested in teaching a service-learning course. You may also express your interest via the “Service and Service-Learning Course Reporting Form” link below this section.
  • Read over the service-learning documents provided by the CCSL.
  • Work with the CCSL when creating your syllabus and community contacts so that the right learning environment for your classroom is established prior to the semester.
  • Stay in contact with community partners and make sure they know your expectations, while also making sure that your students are meeting their needs.
  • Include components in the course that incorporate curriculum as well as reflection of service.
  • Report your course(s) interest or plans via “Service and Service-Learning Course Reporting Form” using the link below.

Examples of Service-Learning Course Projects

  • A Business and Professional Writing course forms consultant groups to research and write grants for local non-profit agencies.
  • A Marketing Management course helps a first-year non-profit organization by conducting community research to uncover the best avenues of advertising, serving, and assessing its services.
  • A Christianity and Culture course provides various service opportunities for students and then spends class time reflecting on experiences.
  • COMP 603 Motor Speech Disorders and Dysphagia – students provided assistance to children and adults with motor-based articulation disorders.