Family Mailboxes

These guidelines apply only to family mailboxes opened before April 8, 1999. For family mailboxes opened April 8, 1999 or later see our Student Mailboxes page.

Family mailboxes assigned under the old guidelines will remain under those guidelines for the time being. Each year in March we will evaluate how many of the old family mailboxes there are and eventually we will place the remaining old mailboxes under the new guidelines. Once a family mailbox is closed due to an occupant's request or non-payment of rent, it will only be reopened under the new guidelines.

Mailbox Rent

Mailbox rent is charged annually. The rent is:

Mailbox Options  July 2011 to
June 2012
Small Mailboxes  $ 55.00
Medium Mailboxes 100.00

Rent notices are sent out in early June. Accounts are delinquent after the due date on the notice and the mail will be held pending payment. After holding the mail one week, we will close the mailbox and return the mail to the sender.

Contact us at 325-674-2530 to have the mailbox rent prorated for rent periods of less than one year. Unused rent when a mailbox is closed will be refunded.