Mail Requiring a Payment at Delivery

When you must make a payment to claim your mail, we will send you a gray Call at Window notice. You must have this call notice to pick up the mail or leave us your money.

Mail requiring a payment is handled in the following manners:

  • Postage due U.S. and campus mail – While you may look at the mail piece before payment, you may not open it until the postage due is paid. You may refuse postage due mail, which will be returned postage due to the sender.
  • C.O.D. or customs due U.S. Mail – The Postal Services will not send us your mail, you must present the yellow Delivery/Reminder/Notice (attached to the gray call notice) and payment at the downtown post office to claim your mail. The downtown post office is located at 341 North Pine Street.
  • C.O.D. FedEx or UPS shipments – When FedEx or UPS attempt to deliver a C.O.D. shipment, they will leave us the notice that will be attached to your gray call notice. You will need to present both notices and the payment to the window. We will pay the carrier the next business day and send you a yellow Call at Window notice to come claim your mail.

If you have lost your call notice, you may claim your mail at our window during regular business hours. For your protection, you must present photo identification and we will only give you mail addressed to you.

If the mail is not picked up within a week, we will send you a second call notice.  Thereafter, a reminder call notice will be sent to you once a week until you pick up the mail or your mailbox is closed.