Campus Mail Policy

Eligible Mailers

The following groups may send campus mail to anyone with an ACU mailbox:

  • ACU Departments or employees
  • Current ACU mailbox occupants
  • ACU students enrolled in the current term
  • Official student or university organizations – The student or university organizations officially recognized by ACU
  • ACU affiliates – The businesses or organizations that have an office or an official presence on the ACU campus
  • Visitors to the ACU campus – Occasional visitors to the ACU campus may send a small amount of campus mail

Mail Content

ACU reserves the right to refuse to box any campus mail that is not compatible with ACU standards. This mail will be considered undeliverable and returned to the sender, or discarded if there is not a return address.

Mailing Guidelines

At meet the mail piece design and mailing preparation guidelines. These guidelines are listed on Mail Services' Web site.


Campus mail does not require postage. However, Mail Services does assess boxing and other fees in certain cases.

Mail From Off Campus Businesses and Organizations

Mail from off campus businesses and organizations (including ACU employees and student's own personal businesses) is acceptable as campus mail to students only. The mail piece must be submitted for approval in advance of submitting the mailing. ACU reserves the right to refuse to box any campus mail from an off campus business or organization. At the time of mailing, the mailer must pay the appropriate Off Campus Flyers boxing fees on all mail pieces.


All campus mail is sent at the sender's risk. ACU is not liable for any loss, damage, delay, mis-delivery, non-delivery or rifling of campus mail. Proof of delivery is only available for campus mail sent with Assured Delivery service.