Mailing Instructions

The mailing instructions for campus mail are:

  1. Mail pieces must meet the design guidelines.
  2. Please use the recipient's full name and correct five-digit mailbox number, otherwise the mail could be delayed or returned to the sender as undeliverable.

    Mailbox numbers for students, departments, faculty or staff is available in the Hello Book or in the list available at our window.
  3. Mailings of ten or more pieces must be bundled in numerical order by mailbox number.
  4. To send campus mail:
    • Up to 20 pieces – Can be mailed in the "Campus Mail" slot in the Mailbox Lobby. All oversized mail pieces must be mailed at our window and the oversized fee must be paid at the time of mailing.
    • Over 20 pieces – Must be mailed at our window. The boxing fee must be paid at the time of mailing.
  5. The mail will be boxed as explained on our Boxing Goals page.

Undeliverable Mail

Undeliverable campus mail will be returned to the sender if there is a return address. If there is not a return address, the mail will be discarded.