Campus Mail Fees

Boxing Mail

The first 20 pieces of a mailing are boxed at no charge. The boxing fee for the pieces over 20 are based on the dimensions of the mail piece:

Height up to 5¼ inches and
Length up to 11 inches
Height over 5¼ inches or
Length over 11 inches


Nonstandard Surcharge

Mail pieces that do not fit the acceptable designs and dimensions, as explained in the Mail Piece Design section, will only be boxed at the mail distribution supervisor's discretion. If the pieces are boxed, there is a $0.02 per piece nonstandard surcharge for all pieces in addition to the regular boxing fees. If the supervisor does not approve boxing the pieces, they will have to be redesigned and prepared again.

Call Notice Fee

Oversized mail that does not fit in the mailbox is charged $0.75 per piece to have a call notice written.