Mailing to Departments or Employees

Each department at ACU has its own mailbox and typically all faculty and staff in that department receive their mail in that mailbox. Except for the residence hall directors, employees should receive personal mail (merchandise catalogs, monthly bills, etc.) at their home address.

There is not a generic address for ACU, you will need to use the appropriate department address: 

Department Addresses:   A - C | D - J | K - Q | R - Z

U.S. Mail  

Name Line . . . .
Mailbox Line  . .
Last Line . . . . .
The Department or Employee's Name
ACU Box 2 __ __ __ __
Abilene, Texas 79699- __ __ __ __


FedEx, Lone Star Overnight or UPS

Name Line... The Department or Employee's Name
Street Line... Location (room number and building name or actual street address)
Mailbox Line... ACU Box 2 _ _ _ _ 
Last Line... Abilene, Texas 79699- _ _ _ _

Line Instructions

The instructions for the individual lines are:

Name Line Please use the department or employee's name
Street Line The location serves as the street address for shipments via DHL, FedEx, Lone Star Overnight or UPS
Mailbox Line Is required on all incoming U.S. Mail and shipments
Last Line The "+4" part of the ZIP+4 is the last four digits of the mailbox number
Country Line Mail from overseas will require a country line of "UNITED STATES" below the last line