Information for Incoming Students

Welcome to ACU, we hope that your time at ACU is enjoyable and productive. University Mail Services processes all incoming U.S. Mail and shipments for students living on campus and those that live off campus that choose to have an ACU mailbox. In addition we provide a variety of outgoing mailing products and services.


Student Mailboxes

Students living in the residence halls, Sherrod Residential Park and freshmen and sophomores living in University Park Apartments must have a mailbox on campus

Mailbox Options

We offer these options for student mailboxes (all have combination locks). The rent is per person per semester.

Size Occupancy Fall 2013
Small Mailbox (31/2” x 41/2” x 141/2") Private (you are by yourself ) $ 39.00
  Shared (with one other person) $ 25.00
Medium Mailbox (11" x 6" x 141/2") Private (you are by yourself) $ 61.00
  Shared (with one other person) $ 39.00

Private mailboxes are limited; 65 percent of all student mailbox occupants must share a mailbox. Shared mailboxes are randomly assigned.

Mailbox Rent

Fall and spring semester rent is charged to your student account at the beginning of each semester. Summer rent is free if the mailbox was rented for the preceding fall and spring semesters. Summer only rent is a flat rate for any length of rental during the summer and is due at the time of mailbox assignment.

Mailbox Sharing

Should two students want to share a mailbox and have not already been assigned a box number they must both go to the University Mall Services Window and complete the mailbox application there. Both parties must be present at the same time. The sharing of a mailbox is dependant on
the availability of mailbox space.

If a student has already been assigned a box and then decides to share a box with someone in another box a $10.00 moving fee will be assessed.

Moving Boxes

There will be a $10.00 moving fee for changing boxes after a mailbox had been assigned to you.

If you have any questions about your application or mailbox assignment, please contact Mail Services: or call us at 325-674-2530.


Shipping Your Belongings to Yourself at ACU

We strongly encourage you to sign up for an ACU mailbox before shipping your belongings to yourself at ACU. For the carriers that deliver in Abilene and our carrier recommendations, please see the Incoming Mail page. Some points to consider when shipping your belongings to us are:

  • We only accept U.S. Mail or shipments via FedEx, Lone Star Overnight and UPS. We do not accept freight shipments.
  • All of the carriers will only deliver to us in the McGlothlin Campus Center, they will not deliver to the residence halls. It is your responsibility to move your packages from the Campus Center to your residence hall. We have a two-wheeled dolly that can be borrowed, provided it is not already being used. We require a photo ID to hold until the dolly is returned.
  • You may pick up your packages anytime we are open. Our hours throughout the year are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • To claim your packages:
    • If you already have a mailbox, you will need to get your call notices from your mailbox to claim your packages. Don't forget your combination, which is in the mailbox assignment information sent or given to you. If you have lost your combination, you may get it at our window during regular office hours. For your protection, you must present a photo ID and we will only give you the combination to your mailbox.
    • If you do not have a mailbox assignment yet, only the addressee on the packages with a photo ID can claim the packages.

If you need to ship your belongings and they will arrive before the date your mailbox opens (listed in the mailbox assignment information sent or given to you) OR you are shipping your belongings without being assigned a mailbox you must:

  1. Notify us in advance of shipping your belongings. Please either email us at or call us at 325-674-2530. The information we will need is: your name, a way to contact you before and after you arrive in Abilene, the carrier and the approximate number of boxes.
  2. If you already have a mailbox, use the addressing information in the mailbox assignment information sent or given to you. If you have your mailbox number, but need the proper format, please see our Address Format Web page.
    If you do not have a mailbox, use this address for U.S. Mail:
      Your Full Name
      Incoming Student
      ACU Station
      Abilene, Texas 79699

    If you do not have a mailbox, use this address for FedEx, Lone Star Overnight or UPS:
      Your Full Name
      Incoming Student
      ACU Station
      122 McGlothlin Campus Center
      Abilene, Texas 79699
  3. When you come to Abilene, please bring the carrier's name and tracking numbers with you. If for some reason we do not have your packages when you arrive, this information is necessary to track the packages down.