Mailing Instructions

Instructions for preparing international mail are listed below:


For more information about these services, the other postal services available or if you would like to have our help in determining the appropriate service for your needs, please contact 674-2709.

   Priority Mail International

   First-Class Mail International

Free envelopes, boxes and tubes for Priority Mail International are available from us at no charge.

  1. Mail Piece Preparation
    The sender is responsible for all mail piece preparation – packaging, addressing, sorting, etc. We can seal envelopes up to 6½ x 9½ inches if the envelopes are flapped over each other. For more information, please see the Mail Piece Design and Addressing pages.

    If you want us to perform any mail production services for you, please contact 674-2865 at least one to two weeks in advance of sending us the mail pieces or address list.
  2. Mailing Preparation - Sort and Bundle
    Please separate your mail by destination: Canada, Mexico and all other countries. Bundle or box up similar types and sizes of mail together: post cards, letters, flats or packages. We can loan you letter trays, flat tubs or package sacks.
  3. Custom Declaration Forms
    The sender is responsible for completing and signing the appropriate custom declaration form, as necessary, for each mail piece. To see when and which form is required, see our Custom Declaration Forms usage chart.
  4. Mailing Instructions Form
    Please attach a completed blue International Mail form to each bundle, box, etc. filing in:
    • Department name and account number.
    • Sender's name and telephone extension (if we need to contact someone).
    • Check a destination.
    • Check a classification.
    • Check if the mail piece contains a letter or printed matter.
    • Check any extra services desired. If you are using any extra services, please complete and attach their forms to the International Mail form or to the proper place on each mail piece.
  5. Mailing Deadlines
    It is our goal that outgoing mail received by 3:30 p.m. is given to the Postal Service the same day. The mailing deadlines for the holidays and breaks are listed on Our Hours page and are published in Off the Beam, our newsletter to faculty and staff.

   International Priority Airmail

Mailings of this type have unique mail piece and mailing preparation requirements. Because of this, we highly recommend that you involve us as close to the beginning of your planning for these mailings as possible. For more information about these mailings, contact 674-2865.