The Postal Service makes the following recommendations for addressing international mail:

  • Use a simple sans serif type with a uniform thickness.
  • Type or machine-print in a dark ink on a light background with a uniform left margin.
  • The country name spelled out completely in CAPITAL letters must be by itself on the last line of the address

Address Examples

Some general address examples:

Mr. Thomas Clark
117 Russell Dr
London W1P 6HQ
Mrs. C. P. Apple
Apartado 3068 46807
Puerto Vallarta Jalisco
Ms. Helen Saunder
1010 Clear St
Ottawa ON L1A 0B1

Canadian Address Requirements

Canada has the following additional address requirements:

  • The recipient must be listed by their real name, nicknames such as Grandma are not allowed.
  • There must be two spaces between the province abbreviation and the postal code.