The Postal Service makes the following recommendations when addressing mail:

  • Use a simple sans serif type with a uniform thickness.
  • Type or machine-print in a dark ink on a light background with a uniform left margin.
  • Use the two letter state abbreviations.
  • Use one space between the city and state and two spaces between the state and ZIP Code.
  • Use the appropriate 5-digit ZIP Code or ZIP+4 code.

Address Examples

Some general address examples:

Mrs. Nancy Johnson
PO Box 34
Roanoke VA  24022-0034

Marlene Smith
Last National Bank
PO Box 345
New York NY  10163-0345

H. A. Nestor
11 Belair Dr Apt 402
Beverly Hills CA  90210-3477

Mark Davis
RR 14 Box 75
Bakersfield CA  93312-9521

SSGT Kevin Beasley
Unit 2050 Box 4190
APO AP  96522-1215

B. G. Light Co.
HC 2 Box 293A
Duluth MN  55811-9702

Acme Insurance Co.
Carew Towers
300 E Main St Ste 1121
Memphis TN  38166-1121

Mr. Ken Thomas
4653 Colorado Blvd
Pasadena CA  91109-4358


ZIP Code and Address Information

The Postal Service web site has a variety of addressing information including: