Delivery Routes

Selected offices in the Brown Library, Education Building, Hardin Administration Building, McKinzie Hall, Sherrod Building and Zellner Hall receive mail delivery and pickup service. The number of stops that can be made on each route are limited.

The mail will only be picked up and delivered to one location in each office. Offices needing to change the location of their delivery and pickup must contact Holly Perry at or 674-2865 at least one week before the change needs to be made so that we can notify all of our student carriers.


Only mail that will fit in the mail carts, in the judgment of the carrier, will be delivered or picked up on the routes.


Incoming mail too large for the carts will be delivered to the department sometime during the day it is received.  If for some reason it cannot be delivered the same day it was received, we will contact the recipient as soon as possible.


Outgoing mail too large for the carts will be pickup from the department provided the route carrier or our office is notified of mail to be picked up.  We must be notified by 3 p.m. for same day pickup.


Route Schedules

The routes take about 30 minutes to run. You will receive your delivery and pick up sometime within this 30 minutes; there are not scheduled times for each stop.

Fall and Spring Semesters and Summers 




Blue 1:30 p.m. Hardin Administration Building
Brown 2:00 p.m. Hunter Welcome Center
Green 2:30 p.m.

Brown Library

Education Building

McKinzie Hall

Zellner Hall

Sherrod Building

Holidays and Breaks

The route times during the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter holidays and Fall and Spring Breaks are available on Our Hours page, are posted in the mailbox lobby and are published in The Printed Word , our newsletter to faculty and staff. We are closed on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day.