Incoming Mail

U.S. Mail

All incoming U.S. Mail for departments and employees is received and processed by Mail Services.  We receive, sort, and box and average of 4,200 pieces of incoming mail each day.

Small Package Carriers

Some of the incoming shipments via the small package carriers for the departments are received and processed by us. To have your incoming shipments received and processed by us, use "122 McGlothlin Campus Center" as the street line in your address. The shipments to the official student organizations are received and processed by us.

When processing the incoming mail, the addressee name will take precedence over the mailbox number if they are different.  Please note that while we try to intercept all incorrectly addressed mail and send it to the correct mailbox, we may not catch all mail pieces.  If you receive mail that belongs to someone that is not in your mailbox, please mark out the incorrect mailbox number and return it to us.

Refusing Mail or Shipments

U.S. Mail

You may refuse any U.S. Mail at anytime provided it is unopened. Certified, insured, registered and return receipt for merchandise mail may only be refused at delivery.

Shipments From the Small Package Carriers

Shipments from the package carriers may only be refused unopened at delivery.