Addressed Mail Instructions

Please use the recipient's full name and correct five digit mailbox number on campus mail, otherwise the mail could be delayed or returned to the sender as undeliverable. Mailbox numbers for students, departments, faculty or staff are available in the Hello Book, in Banner or in the list available at our window (updated weekly).

Banner Computer System
We maintain the ACU mailbox addresses in Banner for students and employees ("BX" address type) and departments ("DE" address type).  In addition, we maintain the office locations in Banner for departments and employees ("OF" address type). Note: We do not guarantee the accuracy of any other address type that contains an ACU mailbox address.

Addresses Lists and Labels
Mailing lists of students are available from the Registrar's Office. Mailing lists or labels (for a small charge) of departments and/or employees are available from us. In addition, we can also address your mail pieces directly.


ACU does not permit the release of, or provide or sell address lists or labels of students or employees to any off campus companies or organizations. From the Abilene Christian University Data Standards Document:

“Under no circumstances shall anyone use institutional electronic data (in detail or summary) in any publication, seminar, or professional presentation, or otherwise release data, in any form, outside the university without prior written permission from the appropriate data custodian and the appropriate executive officer(s).”


Mailing Instructions

  1. The mail pieces must meet the design guidelines. The sender is responsible for all mailing preparation. If you have any questions please contact or call 325-674-2865.
  2. Please use the recipient's full name and correct five-digit mailbox number, otherwise the mail could be delayed or returned to the sender as undeliverable.
  3. Mailings of ten or more pieces must be bundled in numerical order by mailbox number.
  4. Bundle or box up the mailing. We have letter trays, flat tubs or mail sacks for loan.
  5. For all other mailings attach a completed purple Campus Mail form to each bundle, box, etc. of mail or to the original, filling in:
      • Department name and account number.
      • Sender's name and telephone extension (if we need to contact someone).
      • Check the addressed mail box under classification and indicate the number of mail pieces.
    1. Small Mailings up to 100 pieces from student organizations or up to 500 pieces from departments, official university organizations or ACU affiliates do not require a Campus Mail form.
  6. Deliver the mailing or original to:
    • Sender prepared – Mail Services.
    • Mail Services prepared – Mail Services.
  7. The mail will be boxed as explained on our Boxing Goals page. 

Interdepartmental Envelopes

Departments are encouraged to use the reusable interdepartmental envelopes for campus mail to other ACU departments or employees. Because they are reusable, please do not tape or seal them closed. If an envelope needs to be sealed to protect the contents, please use a different envelope. Interdepartmental envelopes are available at no charge from us. Extra interdepartmental envelopes can be returned to us at ACU Box 28188.

Undeliverable Mail

Undeliverable campus mail will be handled as follows:

Incorrect ACU Mailbox Number Returned to the sender with the correct mailbox number so the sender's records can be updated.
Temporary Forwarding Address The mail piece will be forwarded if it is mailable and the sender's regular postage account will be charged the postage. If it is unmailable, it will be returned to the sender with the forwarding address.
Permanent Forwarding Address Returned to the sender with the forwarding address.
"Attempted – Not Known" Returned to the sender because there is no record of this addressee in our files.
"Box Closed – No Order" Returned to the sender because this addressee did not return for the current semester and we did not receive a forwarding address.

Temporary and permanent forwarding addresses are available in Banner. Due to Postal Service privacy regulations, we cannot give forwarding addresses out over the telephone or to a request in person.

Campus mail can only be returned to the sender if there is a return address. If there is not a return address, the mail is discarded. If there is no return address but the envelope has an ACU logo, it will be sent to University Development Operations to be opened, read and returned to the sender