What is Wildcat Week?

Wildcat Week is an extended orientation experience designed to prepare students for their transition to Abilene Christian University. It is an exciting experience for all new students that encourages you to engage in the Wildcat community. During Wildcat Week, you will build friendships with future classmates while experiencing the traditions of ACU, learning what it truly means to be a Wildcat.

How do I register?

Wildcat Week registration happens in person on Tuesday, August 22nd from 2pm - 8pm at the Wildcat Den, located on the lower level of the McGlothlin Campus Center. All students must check-in; this is a student-only event. You will get your schedule, name tag, and Wildcat gear!

Are transfer students required to attend?

Yes, transfer students are required to attend. We host “Transfer Only” events and groups for transfer students during Wildcat Week.

Where is Wildcat Week?

Wildcat Week takes place on campus and all over the Abilene area. ACU realizes that we leave an incredibly beneficial footprint on the city of Abilene.

How are groups decided?

Wildcat groups are designated according to your Cornerstone class. This will not only be your group for Wildcat Week, but these students will be your classmates for the 1st semester. Your group will consist of 30 new students and 5 upperclassmen (a Peer Leader, a Residence Assistant and 3 Wildcat Leaders). Together, your group will be eating meals, discussing the essentials of college life, and participating in fun activities. This also means you won’t be able to request to be in the same group as some of your friends, so enjoy getting to meet your fellow Wildcat classmates.

Is Wildcat Week Mandatory?

Yes, Wildcat Week is a mandatory program for all first year students.

Is there a cost for Wildcat Week?

The orientation fee of $215 covers both New Student Orientation and the Wildcat Week program. Students do not need to send in any money; the orientation fee is a one-time charge added to each new student's account.

Who should I contact if I still have a question?

Please send an email to acuwildcatweek@acu.edu. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.