What is The Cabinet?

Student Activities is directed by a student-run and staff-supervised board that creates campus-wide student activities and events. The Cabinet, previously known and operated as CAB (Campus Activities Board), is a group of 5-9 students dedicated to bringing students together through planning, organizing, and executing events for the ACU student body.

The Cabinet hosts a variety of different events each year that are meant to create and maintain traditions that bring the entire ACU community closer together, and ensure that there's never a dull moment on campus. Past events include concerts, movie showings, coffeehouse events, game nights, art shows, dances, and more. The Cabinet works to design and host events that will excite students about life on The Hill.

The goal of the Student Activities office is to be intentional in listening and looking for what students want, while implementing events that draw the entire ACU student body, foster community within the ACU student population, and that are of purpose and meaning. The Cabinet is here to accomplish this goal and more!