Track & Field


Regional Heat Sheets

Road Closure Notice

Meet Director
Michael Rasor

Pre-Meet Contact 
Michael Rasor
ACU Box 27916
Abilene, Texas 79699

Phone: 806-368-1474
FAX: 325-674-6831

April 28-29, 2017

Elmer Gray Stadium
2117 Campus Court
Abilene, Texas 79699

$12/day for adults, $8/day for students, $20 for meet pass


ACU is hosting the Region I-3A regional meet this year.

We are asking each district to be responsible for one field event. Each district will be contacted regarding their assignment for the regional track meet. We appreciate your help to ensure that the regional meet will run as efficiently as possible.

Here are the event assignments and the number of individuals we require for each district:

District 1 - 3A Boys and Girls Pole Vault (4 individuals for each)

District 2 - 3A running events, block setters (2 individuals)

District 3 - 3A Boys and Girls Shot Put (3 individuals for each)

District 4 - 3A Boys and Girls Discus (3 individuals for each)

District 5 - 3A Boys and Girls Long Jump (3 individuals for each)

District 6 - 3A Boys and Girls Triple Jump (3 individuals for each)

District 7 - 3A Boys and Girls High Jump (2 individuals for each)

District 8 - 3A Boys 110 and 300 hurdles and Girls 100 and 300 hurdle setters (4 individuals)

*Note: Meet helpers will not be designated as a head official.

Entering Athletes for Regional Competition

A FULL result copy of Area meet results will need to be faxed to 325-674-6831 or emailed to Michael Rasor. An advancer file from Hy Tek or Meet Mate will also NEED to be emailed to Michael Rasor. Substitutions will be closed on Tuesday, April 25, 2017. 

To Create an Advancer File in Hy Tek

To generate the Advancer file use: File | Export | Advancers | Select All 

a. Top how many from each event: 4
b. Maximum Qualifiers per Event: Leave blank
c. Include relay athlete names: Check
d. Custom Select Advancers: Leave blank
e. Click on Create Export | OK
f. Select drive A: (or wherever you can get to the files for attaching to an e-mail)
g. Note the filename: TCL##-##.TCL and where the files are located.

Click OK when the export is finished.

After creating the advancer file, send it as an email attachment to


If any of the top four places in the area will not be able to complete, the coach or school administrator whose athlete will not complete should notify the coach or school administrator of the fifth place winner in order that the vacancy may be filled. Also, email the regional meet office of any changes. All substitutions must be made final by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 25, 2017.

Athletic Trainers

Abilene Christian University is not responsible for providing athletic training services to the regional track meet. The ACU training staff will provide ice and bags for the athlete's needs. They will also provide water for the competition. Our training staff is not allowed to examine, evaluate, or provide treatment to high school athletes. Please provide your own trainers for the competition. 

Heat Sheets

Heat sheets will be available upon arrival at the Regional Track meet. See packet pick-up below for more information.

Running Finals

The running finals, with the exception of the boys and girls 3200m race, will be contested Saturday, April 29, 2017. The running finals will be run on a time schedule. 

Entry to meet

A wristband is necessary to gain entry to the meet. Team packets will include two coaches' wristbands only (2 for girls team, 2 for boys team). Please have your busses drop off athletes in the parking lot located directly south of the track. Athletes and coaches must first enter at the main entrance to the track stadium to get packets with wristbands. There will be no opportunity to purchase any additional wristband. All others must pay general admission fee.


Bus parking will be located in the parking lot located directly south of the track stadium. Fan parking will be located on Campus Court Street. Additional parking will be located directly east of the throws field that is located across Ambler Ave.

Team Camps

Team camps will ONLY be allowed at the warm-up field located directly east of the track. Please put all tents and camps on the interior fence perimeter of the warm-up field. NO camps or tents will be allowed inside the track stadium.


No radios, tape recorders, walkie-talkies, cell phones, or CBs are allowed in the warm-up, competition area, or on the field.


Dress and shower facilities will not be available at the track.


There will be no workout on the track for Regional Meet qualifiers.

Relay Hand off Practice

Sprint Relay teams may practice relay hand offs on Friday, April 28 at the conclusion of the Boys 3200m race. Relays may practice relay hand offs one hour prior to the beginning of their regional running finals on Saturday, April 29.

Prelims/Final Qualification

There will be no prelims in the 800m run, 1600m run, or the 3200m run. The 3200m run final will be held on Friday, April 28. The top eight contestants will qualify to the finals in all events. In running events, qualification will be by time.


The top three in each event will receive medals immediately after the event at the awards presentation on the track infield.



The no-false-start rule is in effect. Runners will be disqualified upon first false start.


All ties must be broken through 6th place. There will be a wild-card entry going to state this year and all ties must be broken in order to do the call-up from any region.


Protests must be filed in writing within 15 minutes of when the results of the event are announced.


Packet Pick-up

There will be a packet pick-up on Thursday, April 27, 2017 in the meeting room at the Track and Field offices located at the northwest corner of the track stadium from 5:30 pm until 7:30 pm. You may also pick up your packet upon arrival at the regional track meet at the headquarters table located on the outside of the south side of the track and field offices. Coaches may leave their throwing implements with the weigh-in official located in the same room as the packet pick-up on Thursday, April 27.

Athlete Check-in

  • 30 minutes prior to each event 
  • Athletes will receive their hip numbers at check-in. Relay cards should be turned in to the clerk at this time. 
  • Field event participants may check-in at the event site.

Implement Weigh-In

Implement weigh-in will be on Friday and Saturday from 8:30 AM until 11:00 AM. Please have your implements weighed in at least 45 minutes prior to your event. Implements will be checked out to the athletes at the completion of the throwing event. Any implements that are left will be available to pick up at the weigh-in station. The weigh-in station will be located in the implement shed at the throwing field north of Ambler Ave. Coaches may leave their throwing implements with the weigh-in official located in the same room as the packet pick-up on Thursday, April 27.