Contest Notes

Information for Speech Contestants:


IMPORTANT: “For prose and poetry documentation, please use the recently developed interactive form (created by Jana Riggins) for Poetry A&B, as well as Prose A&B. These will be used for the State Meet as well. These forms can be found on the Oral Interpretation page — they are called State Meet Interp Poetry Form, State Meet Interp Prose Form. Submit any necessary documentation by attaching (or scan and email) the appropriate documentation to the corresponding form.

Please email those to Dr. Julie Welker, by Wednesday, April 5, 2017, for documentation.


Following each event, the contest director will tabulate results in a designated grading room separate from the contest room.

Grading Assistants

Team sponsors will assist in grading in the following events: Calculator Applications, Computer Applications, Number Sense, Science, Spelling/Vocabulary, Social Studies, Literary Criticism, Accounting, and Mathematics.

Verification Period

The contest director will remain in the grading room for a short period of time to answer questions concerning tabulations and to verify results.

Questions addressed to anyone other than the appropriate contest director at any other time than the verification period will be disregarded.


Location of grading room will be posted on the door of each contest room or announced before contest.


Students, coaches, and/or other school officials are urged to attend all verification periods and awards meeting. Regional meet directors are under no obligation to contact winners who fail to attend with results and winner's packets. Any awards not picked up at the Academic contest can be picked up by the school's track coach at the Regional Track meet.

Winners packets

Information regarding the UIL Academic State Meet is posted on the UIL web site at Winners Information will not be mailed to schools. Coaches and contestant must go to the UIL web site for tentative schedule, UT parking, UT campus map and other vital State Meet information. Responsibilities for knowing times, dates and sites of State Meet events rests solely with coaches and contestants.

UIL Information Center - Located in TBD

Official Results

Following the test administration, the official results will be delivered to the Regional Director's headquarters in TBD.

Information Headquarters

The information headquarters will be located in TBD.


Individual results will be posted in headquarters as soon as possible. Team points will be kept on a results board.

Dining in the Campus Center

The cafeteria in the campus canter will be open for all students, teachers and coaches, and parents during the academic contest. There is also Einstein Bagels that will be open throughout the day for bagels, muffins, and drinks.


Contestants or a school representative may pick up medals and winner's packets at headquarters immediately after results arrive. Awards will not be released without a signature. Any awards not picked up at the Academic contest can be picked up by the school's track coach at the Regional Track meet.

Contest Packets

Schools should pick up tests and critiques at headquarters on the day of the contest. All testing materials will be recycled after the contest. We do not mail remaining materials. Please have someone from your school be responsible for picking up any or all tests, answer sheets, critiques, and essays from the headquarters table on the day of the Academic contest.