Premarital Program Packet

How would you like to cut the divorce rate in your church to under 2%? Sound to good to be true? When you consider that almost all studies in America in 2004 put the divorce rate at somewhere between 50-60%, to think about making that kind of impact with the people who are part of your congregation really does sound too good to be true. What follows is a description of a 10-year mentoring program at the Southern Hills Church of Christ in Abilene, Texas. Over that 10-year period of time, more than 350 couples have participated. As of this writing, there were only four divorces from couples who completed the program, and three of the four couples were advised that it was unwise to continue in the relationship.

Topic Sections:

1) The Premarital Inventory -- Using Prepare/Enrich in your congregation.
2) Your church’s marriage preparation policy.
3) Selection and training of mentor couples -- the key to the program
4) The curriculum 

Our guarantee is that you can cut the divorce rate in your church dramatically.  Will it be 2%? Maybe, but think about what might happen if you can cut the divorce rate in half. How much heartache, confusion and pain will you help to prevent?