Youth Minister Consultation

When a youth minister has left or been released, a church sometimes need some assistance in managing the interim period. I can provide useful information and guidance to help at this crucial time of change and transition. The Hiring Guide is a comprehensive tool to assist a church leadership team through this important process.

Hiring of staff is one of the most important times for a church. It is extremely important to find the best match between the church and the minister to pursue a long term relationship. I can also help a church in locating potential candidates suitable for a congregation's expectations.

Youth Ministry Program Assessement

Every youth ministry should check in from time to time to determine the effectiveness of their program. Most churches wait too long before asking those questions which can result in more congregational problems or force a change in personnel.

Robert has designed an instrument that helps churches evaluate the effectiveness of the youth minister and the youth program. There are a variety of ways the assessment can be administered. The findings will be included in a written report to the church. If you want additional help in finding solutions, Robert can be used as a consultant to explore action steps.