Tomsk, Russia


     The work started in 1994 sponsored by the Metro Church of Christ in Denver, CO. The mission team came to Tomsk in September 1997. The work has grown to approximately 120 members, and is one of the two largest congregations in Russia. The church is involved in building a half-way house for the homeless, working with an orphanage for handicapped children, has a daily radio program, is involved with teaching the New Life Behavior program, helps to train Russian interns from the Institute of Theology and Christian Ministry from St. Petersburg, and is involved in training Russian ministers in Tomsk. The church conducts a camp each summer and also goes on campaign trips to other Russian cities to encourage them and to train members in evangelism. Two former minister trainees from Tomsk are now working as missionaries in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Several other former members trained there are working with congregations in other cities in Russia.


Intern goals:

  • Study with non-Christians as well as Christians.
  • Lead small groups.
  • Join with campaigns and work with the youth camp.
  • Work with orphans and the homeless.
  • Make new contacts with some of the 100,000 college students in Tomsk.