Solwezi, Zambia


     While church planting in the Inner City of Cape Town, South Africa, Brian and Sondra Davis along with their two sons, Noah (age 5) and Bryson (age 2) have been researching people groups within French Central Africa over the past 6 years for a church planting effort.  Focusing on the Democratic Republic of Congo due to their large refugee community in the Inner City of Cape Town, the Davises have looked at opportunities within the country and along the southern and eastern borders.  As stability returns to the D.R.C., the Davises overseeing congregation - the Hillcrest Church of Christ in Abilene, Texas - has decided to locate them within a people group that spans the border of Northwest Zambia and the D.R.C.—the Kaonde.  The Kaonde tribe has about 300,000 people in Zambia and another 50,000 in Southern D.R.C.  The Northwest province of Zambia has had little evangelistic attention paid to it by the churches of Christ with some of their people groups being considered as of yet "unreached" by evangelical mission statistics.  Most of these people groups cross the political borders of the D.R.C. and/or Angola.  Only a few years ago, the Zambian churches sent one of their own evangelists - Leonard Mujala - to serve as a missionary among the refugees of the Meheba refugee camp, the largest United Nations refugee camp in the world at the time. Many contacts within the Congolese refugee community were made and a couple of churches planted.  The Davises assisted Leonard Mujala as his translators in that work, and all involved have been praying for an opportunity to follow-up on these open doors.  Recently a newly appointed tribal chieftain, Chief Mumena of the Kaonde, offered a facility vacated by a European development agency to the churches of Christ for a church planting base of operations among his people.  This same chieftaincy provided land to the United Nations to minister to the 100,000+ refugees during the Central African and Angolan civil wars, demonstrating the tribal ties to these trans-border people.  As Hillcrest has participated for many years in medical missions in Zambia, they now provide the mission with basic pharmaceuticals.  Support groups provide development support to the church planting activities in regards to agriculture, medical, and educational assistance.  These volunteer efforts are designed to demonstrate the love of Christ to the Kaonde as the message of the Gospel is proclaimed.

Intern goals:

  • Learn church planting skills.
  • Experience different cross-cultural communication techniques.
  • Work in medical clinics, education seminars, and agricultural seminars, assisting volunteer professionals.