Cebu City, Philippines


     The church in Cebu was begun in the early 1970’s by a Filipino evangelist, Domindor Belo.  His work and the work of interns from the A & M program focused on using Bible correspondence courses, with intensive personal follow up.  In 1985 a Bible Study Center was opened in the city.  This was used to teach/offer Bible Courses and personal studies to the public.  The years of 1985 to 1989 saw significant growth through this means of outreach.

     In 1993 the missionaries planted a new congregation, the Uptown Church of Christ, through this work.  By this time several congregations were meeting in the Metro-Cebu area.  Two years ago the team began “Campus Life”, a college campus outreach which has resulted in the formation of three recognized university campus ministries and numerous baptisms.


Intern goals:

  • Teaching and worship leading in established and infant churches.
  • Working with Cebu Bible College students in an evangelistic campaign, possibly a church planting.
  • Assisting in a medical mission.
  • College campus ministry.