Buenos Aires, Argentina



     The work began in June of 2001 at Villa Urquiza with the arrival of a team of workers. They began with their language study and adaptation the first few months. They then found an adequate meeting facility and inaugurated the facility on June 23, 2002. They have been using small groups, Let’s Start Talking, youth camps, brochure handouts, special conferences, a school tutoring program, and benevolence to reach out to the Argentines. There have been three baptisms in Villa Urquiza since the work started. There is now an attendance of about 45 at the Sunday worship services and about 30 or so involved in the small groups.


Intern goals:

  • Work with our youth program by spending personal time with them.
  • Work with our after school tutoring program
  • To conduct personal Bible studies and/or other evangelistic activities.
  • To help teach children’s classes.