Application to WorldWide Witness is made via the seven step process outlined below.

1. Complete the WWW Application:

2. Complete the WWW Spiritual Bio*

3. References: Direct one church leader and one ACU staff/faculty, who knows you well, to the following link to complete a recommendation form for you. It will take less than five minutes to complete and will go directly to the WWW coordinators: Form

4. Payment and Forms: The application is not complete until you pay your application fee to the Halbert Center office located in the Biblical Studies Building, room 283. The non-refundable application fee is used to cover your travel insurance and shirt costs. Contact for the online billing form or visit office 283 to pay with a card or check in person.

5. Interview: Contact us at to set up an interview.

6. Class: The training for WWW internships is conducted via BMIS 391: Service in Global Contexts, a preparatory class for short-term missions taught in the spring by the WWW director. If you desire credit for the training, sign up via banner or your advisor for BMIS 391. If you do not desire the 3 hours credit, you may take the class as an Audit, but are expected to do the readings and assignments.

7. Screening: Once you have completed the above steps, the directors will schedule you for screening exams with the Marriage and Family Institute. The exam fees are included in the class/ Audit fee.

*For returning WWW interns: If you are signing up a second time with WWW, SKIP steps 2 and 3. You do still need to complete the full WWW application and the directors would like for you to attend the class as an Audit in order to grow in your depth of understanding, share your experiences with other students and bond with teammates.


The greatest benefit of my WorldWide Witness experience was “the confirmation that long-term missions is what I am called to do with my life and that I would be good at it.” -Clarissa Lavaki, Honduras (2016)