About Us

Welcome to the Halbert Center for Missions and Global Service at ACU - a place to learn effective ways to serve our Lord domestically and internationally.

The Halbert Center complements ACU’s undergraduate and graduate degrees by providing missions opportunities outside the classroom to all ACU students, regardless of major. We offer students, faculty and staff the opportunity to be involved in various missions and global service opportunities around the world.

Vision -- The entire ACU family, fully on mission with God

Mission -- To infuse missional and intercultural competence into the entire ACU campus, inspiring and equipping all students, faculty and staff to join in God’s mission as we become exceptional, innovative and real disciples for Christ in the world.

The Halbert Center for Missions and Global Service (Halbert Center) programs provide missions opportunities for students through short service trips, summer internships, and gap year opportunities around the world.

The Halbert Center partners cross-campus for other on-campus missional activities such a weekly Missions Chapel, the annual Broom Colloquium, and the Missions Student Association.

Team training and missionary care are vital pieces to the history of missions at ACU. The Halbert Center continues this work of forming teams, preparing them spiritually, culturally, theologically, and practically, and walking with them once on the field.

The Halbert Center partners with academic programs to provide co-curricular formation in missions. This training involves assessment of missionary candidates, the formation and development of teams, as well as site-specific training. Undergraduate and Graduate degree information can be accessed through our academics page.

For deeper insight, please read A Short History of Missions at ACU, 1968 - 2004.

The Halbert Center for Missions and Global Service is proud to be approved by the Standards of Excellence in Short Term Mission.