WorldWide Witness

WorldWide Witness summer internships began in 2002 and since then has sent nearly 1000 students to 40+ locations around the world. WWW’s emphasis on pre-summer training, an 8-10 week timeframe, mentorship from experienced host supervisors, and its follow-up with each student after the summer are all reasons this program is so highly regarded by its participants and partners. To participate in a WWW internship, students are required to take the spring class, BMIS 391 Service in Global Contexts, which prepares them to be a welcomed asset by their host site for their two month experience. The class focuses on building a healthy perspective missionally, culturally, spiritually, and mentally before students embark on teams for their summer of service.

Types of WorldWide Witness internships vary from location to type of ministry undertaken but all have the same goal: to deepen students’ cross-cultural understanding and their heart for the completion of the Great Commission. WWW interns live with their missionary hosts or with local families during their internship, working alongside the local missionaries on a daily basis. Interns are typically sent in pairs, just as Jesus sent His disciples in pairs (Luke 10:1).

Many students have opted to participate in more than just a summer internship after their experiences, returning to the field for up to two years after graduation (See the GAP Year for more information).

WWW coordinators have a desire to place students in a location and ministry that best fits their spiritual gifts, experiences, passions, and future life goals.  Location and ministry assignments are determined via personal conversations and prayer with the coordinators and each applicant. Whatever your situation, WWW has an option for you. So whether you’re an undergraduate or graduate student, be sure to seek out our staff and hear the opportunities your skills and passions could give you this coming summer!