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Role of a Team Leader

  • Publicize the trip and recruit team participants, including students, staff, faculty, friends of ACU, and outside professionals.
  • Serve as the primary contact for team members regarding the trip
  • Serve as the spiritual leader for the team or assign that position to another leader
  • Attend Leader orientation and trainings
  • Communicate with the Missions Coordinator in a timely manner to the best of his/her ability
  • Coordinate with the Missions Coordinator on all deadlines and changes made before speaking with the team
  • Encourage team members to attend meetings, keep up with assignments, and remind them of deadlines
  • Manage QUEST & Chapel: Keep track of attendance and participation using the document provided
  • Understand all details of the host requirements, sometimes provided in a packet from the host, and communicate those with the team in a timely manner
    • Includes vaccines, food/water, clothing, customs, etc.
  • Plan any trip programs/activity and gather any materials needed