Modular Retreats and Mentoring Relationships

HIM is dedicated to the preparation of men and women who have heard the call of God to missions. HIM recognizes that this preparation is not a "cookie-cutter" technique that applies equally to everyone. Thus HIM customizes preparation for each team.

Intensive retreats are held throughout the year in which HIM personnel prepare teams and individuals in areas common to all missionaries.  Coordinators meet with the teams weekly to coach the team and individuals on personal matters and areas specific to the people group that the team desires to reach.

Below is a table of the modules and corresponding coaching components. More information on each modular retreat can be found by clicking on the name of the module.

Modules Coaching

Module 1: Kingdom Call
Beginning the Journey

Evaluation of applications, interviews and simulations to assess the ability to serve as a missionary.

Spiritual discipline, short term mission experiences, recruiting of team, networking

Module 2: Kingdom Leadership
Understanding Spiritual Leadership

Development of a spiritual leader.

Cultural study, budget review, special topic training

Module 3: Kingdom Relationships
Enhancing Interpersonal Relationships

Enhancement of spiritual leadership and team effectiveness through multiple exercises, instruments and debriefing.

Local ministry, genogram sharing, team worship, informal relationship building

Module 4: Kingdom Outlook
Refining Passions and Strengths

Final evaluation of overall preparedness with recommendations for future growth.

Survey trip, team covenant, strategy development

Module 5: Support Workshop
Strengthening Support Network

Per Need in Summer
Gathering of all supporters and families of origin to produce a healthy support base.

Church residency, immigration paperwork, household decisions, departure

Module 6: Field Visit
Enhancing Ministry Effectiveness

Beginning 2nd year on the field
Evaluation of effectiveness and health with subsequent recommendations.

Cultural immersion, on-going coaching