Others' Comments About HIM

What Teams are Saying About HIM:

Chad and Amy Carter:

"HIM visits have always brought a fresh Godly word for our team. The spiritual renewal that they help inspire, model and call us to has always revitalized us."

"HIM helps us examine our current situation. Some examples from the past are personality tests, team dynamics exercises and reevaluation of our current practices...God often used an outsider to help call us back to the larger kingdom issues."

"HIM personnel are our mentors, not our peers or colleagues. This does not mean that we do not share a deep friendship and good rapport, but my effort is to honestly communicate how high we esteem them. Mentors speak with authority because we have accorded them that authority. They speak truth with a purpose. The same words said by a peer might tempt us to react defensively, but when spoken by trusted mentors we often see God working through them to convict our hearts. A mentor has the gift of drawing out responses."

"(On site visits) have been key in bringing up issues that we already needed to talk about! It has always been a time for fresh and open communication. Our team has been healthier, more effective, holier and more called to Christ-likeness because of our continued and maintained relationship with our mentors."

Archie and Mandy Chankin:

"We consider our HIM mentors more like 'honorary' team members than just welcomed guests because of their special qualities such as experience, education and wisdom."

"Their bi-annual visits have been key to us in emotional and spiritual support."

Andy and Melissa Johnson:

"Coach/mentor visits have been a tremendous spiritual help. Because of the intimate relationship that we have together, our mentors are able to speak frankly to me (us) about areas of my life (whether home or work) that few others would be able to do with any credibility."

"While all glory is due to the Lord, many thanks are due to HIM mentors for our team's continued presence on the field. They've guided us through some pretty tough times, and I'm confident without a doubt that they would do the same for other teams."

What Supporting Churches are Saying About HIM:

Don Fair, Richardson East Church of Christ:

"Independent and knowledgeable counseling for the team and supporting congregations is critical. We do visit but we need more critical and trusted adviser review; trusted by us and also the team. They will open up more with you (HIM personnel) than with us."

"It is clear that the team receives great value from the visits or they would not reference the value and expectations for the visits."

"It has been my experience working with other teams that your role will uncover and deal with issues at a deeper level than otherwise possible with visits from us or other congregation's members. Our visits tend to be pleasant but not overly probing."

"There is a dynamic to your visits, created by being the team's trusted advisers that we cannot duplicate. This role is invaluable to the health and success of the team."

"None of us are prepared to administer evaluative tests nor can we really address issues beyond our own team member family. We loose insight since we have limited visibility."

Michale Oakes, Oak Hills Church:

“All the credit must, of course, go to our great God…but it is obvious to us, the supporting church of one of the team member families, that He has used ACU and the Halbert Institute for Missions in a powerful way to fulfill his purposes."

“Because of the depth of time the team spent preparing while at HIM, there is probably nobody better able to assist with team maintenance, assessment of possible areas of need, self-evaluation and examination, and all of the other healthy and necessar4y things that need to happen to keep the team functioning as it should."

“We as a supporting church also benefited from the visits.  The HIM personnel did a great job of communicating with us before and after the trip, and sharing with us (as appropriate) their findings about how the team is doing.  Even though we see our missionaries annually either in the field or on furlough, these reports gave us great additional information about the work and the health of the team, including insights that we, focused more on our missionaries and less on the overall team, would probably never have ourselves.  The cooperation with HIM helped us, I believe, to take better care of our missionaries and know better how to pray for and support them.”

Elmer Johnson, 10th and Broad Church of Christ:

“There is so much stress in the mission field that most of us stateside encouragers cannot even begin to anticipate.  We were so glad to find there was a plan in motion to extend counseling to the couples from their mentors at ACU/HIM."

“The mentors stay in the home of each family on a rotation schedule, and can observe first hand the inter-workings, tensions, and concerns of each family unit."

“The fact that the team members are still sane, still friends with each other, have 19 village churches they are teaching, leadership training classes, and have had over 2,000 baptisms is a testament, first to the Lord, and secondly to the training and continuing counseling and mentoring they have and are receiving."

“When you consider all the time and money we put into their physical support, their lives, their furloughs and our continuing relationships with them, it is a prudent and wise investment to have ACU/HIM programs that reach into the field, and we feel very strongly, into eternity."