Areas of Focus

Students at ACU

  1. Offering spiritual counsel to those in need.
  2. Serving as a mentor and encouragement to others as they discover their gifts and develop their ministry skills.
  3. Participating in a ministry of evangelism.
  4. Encouraging the involvement of students in congregational life and spiritual activities on campus.
  5. Teaching in the Department of Bible, Missions and Ministry and in various other contexts throughout the university.


Ministry or Missions

  1. Helping coordinate opportunities for Bible study, fellowship, spiritual discipline and personal spiritual development.
  2. Providing spiritual counseling and mentoring for female undergraduate and graduate majors.
  3. Serving on the leadership team and as a lead equipper in the Come Before Winter ministry that provides spiritual renewal for women in missions and congregational leadership throughout the world. 


Women in Churches

  1. Developing workshops, seminars and retreats designed to establish and nurture women within congregations, and encouraging personal spiritual growth, Bible study, prayer and Christians service.
  2. Working with a committee of women from various regions of the states to plan and implement the annual Women in Ministry Conference held each summer. Directing the annual Equipping Ministry for Women Workshop held each summer.
  3. Engaging in a ministry of writing and production in order to encourage women in their Christian living.
  4. Serving as a mentor to women currently involved in ministry in churches.