Key Benefits of the Annual Block Tuition Plan

Because ACU is committed to making its quality Christian higher education affordable, it has moved to an annual block tuition plan for full-time undergraduate students. A block (also known as “flat-rate”) tuition plan helps families shorten the time it takes students to earn a degree, plan better financially, save money each year, and reduce debt upon graduation.

Most private and many state universities already offer block tuition plans.

How Our Plan is Different

At most schools, block tuition allows students to take 12-18 hours of credits each long semester (fall and spring) for the same price. ACU’s annual block tuition plan allows students to take up to 36 hours across the entire year for one price.

The price includes all required student fees (academic enrichment and technology, academic services, healthcare, public safety, and student activity and recreation). Block tuition does not include room and board or course-specific and individual (parking, mailbox, etc.) fees.

Annual Cost

The annual block tuition price for a full-time undergraduate student in the 2015-16 academic year will be $30,780. Part-time and other students paying on a per-credit-hour basis will pay $1,280 per credit hour.

Annual block tuition does not mean tuition is “frozen” until the student graduates; there can be tuition increases each year.

Annual block tuition is only for full-time undergraduate students.

Other Benefits

Annual block tuition gives students more flexibility in scheduling, and an opportunity to take extra courses to enrich their degree/experience.

Because it shortens the time students are in school, annual block tuition can dramatically reduce the cost of an ACU degree. A student who takes full advantage of ACU’s annual block tuition plan could save up to $21,000 on his/her college degree.

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