Gain Flexibility

Block tuition allows students greater flexibility in scheduling their classes and their finances and the opportunity to learn/experience more without additional costs.

  1. Because students are not charged by the hour, they have more flexibility to take additional elective courses of interest to them at no additional charge, further diversifying their experience. Those who wish they had an extra internship, a class outside their degree to complement their major, a short course in vocational missions, or another class with their favorite professor will now have the opportunity to do so.
  2. ACU’s annual block tuition plan allows students to take up to 36 hours each calendar year in any combination of credit hours combining the fall and spring semesters, short courses, internships, online and residential summer classes, and Study Abroad. More classes will be offered in the summer to allow more choices for students. They also can participate in ACU summer Study Abroad programs with no additional tuition costs. The program and travel fees would still apply, but tuition and general fees will be covered by the annual block price.
Fall Spring Summer Total           
18 18 0 36          
18 15 3 36  
15 15 6 36  
15 12 9 36  
12 12 12 36  
*Students must remain enrolled full time in both the fall and spring semesters to qualify for the annual block tuition plan. Students can take fewer than 36 hours each year, but won't be maximizing the plan and its savings.

Save Money, Reduce Debt