Form W-2 Information

In an effort to keep you informed, we want to provide you with a brief explanation of changes that will be made to the Form W-2 you will receive in January. Changes that were in the health care  reform law affect how certain information is reported on your W-2. This law requires employers to report information about the cost of an employee’s health care benefits on the employee’s W-2. Do not be concerned: this new required reporting is for information purposes only, and it does not represent a new tax.


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“PPACA”) requires us to report the total cost of your health benefits on your W-2 starting with the 2012 tax year (W-2s issued in January 2013). We have been gathering this information throughout 2012, and this required information will appear in the W-2 that will be sent to you in January 2013. 


Contributions: The total cost of your health care benefits reported will include both your contribution to the cost of your health coverage as well as the Company’s contribution.

ACU has determined that the only coverage required to be reported is the medical coverage offered through Blue Cross Blue Shield. You will see the total of employee paid premiums, plus the employer calculated portion of medical coverage reported on your W-2. The employer calculated portion represents our COBRA rate as published in your annual 2012 Benefit Enrollment Guide, less a 2% administrative fee.

Remember, this reporting of the cost of your health care benefits is for information purposes only.


This total cost of health care benefits will be reported in Box 12 of your Form W-2, and it will be labeled “Code DD.” On the Form W-2, Box 12 is used for reporting many different kinds of information. The different types of information are each labeled with a certain code, which the IRS assigns. Due to the health care reform law, the IRS has created Code DD as a label for the reporting of the total cost of your employer-sponsored health care benefits.  In January 2013 when you receive your Form W-2, look at Box 12, and find Code DD. This will be the amount that we have determined is the total cost of your employer-sponsored health care benefits for 2012. This amount will not be taxed because this amount is for information purposes only


If you should have questions, please direct your inquiry to:

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