Sick-to-Service (S2S) Hours Program

The Sick-to-Service (S2S) program was designed to give employees an option to utilize banked sick hours for service related projects and activities.

Program Details

  • This program is effective January 1, 2017
  • Employees who maintain a balance of 240 hours (six weeks) of sick leave are eligible to apply to transfer up to 24 hours (three days) of sick leave hours to S2S service hours each calendar year. An employee who chooses to serve on an approved ACU sponsored missioned trip would be eligible for an additional 8 hours (totaling 32 hours or four days).
  • S2S hours can be used for approved activities and functions. Please see the S2S approved list below.
  • Each department is given the flexibility to establish “blackout” dates during their office's busy season in which S2S could not be used.
  • Employees will need to submit a request for approval at least 14 days in advance to their direct supervisor.
  • If approved, employees will mark their service hours as sick leave on the appropriate time sheet or leave report.
  • Employees do not have the option to donate service hours to a bank or individual.

S2S Approved Organization List as of January 2017
Abilene Food Bank
ACU Mission Trips
ACU Spring Break Campaigns
Big Brothers/Big Sisters
Christian Service Center
Church sponsored Mission Trips
City Square
Compassion International
Disability Resource Incorporated
Global Samaritan
Habitat for Humanity
Meals on Wheels
Mission Lazarus
Noah Project
Regional Victim Crisis Center
Salvation Army
United Way