Entering and Approving Time

All time worked for Nonexempt, Student and Temporary employees and leave time for Exempt employees should be submitted via Web Time Entry (WTE).

All time or leave submitted must be approved by your supervisor using Banner Self Service. 

Proxy Instructions

All time sheets or leave reports have several statuses they can be in:

  • In Progress – means you have opened your time sheet or leave report, but it has not yet been submitted
  • Pending – means you have submitted your time sheet or leave report.
  • Approved – means that your time sheet or leave report has been approved by your supervisor
  • Completed – means your time or leave time has been imported into the payroll system and you have been or will be paid.
  • Cancelled - means your time sheet was either in "In-Progress" or "Returned for Correction" status and you failed to submit it by the deadline

For more information on pay dates and payroll deadlines, please see our payroll calendars.

To view your paystub information

  • From the “Employee” page, click on the “Pay Information” link
  • Click on “Paystub”, select the year, and click on “Display”
  • To view the detail of that paystub (how many hours you were paid for, etc.) click on pay stub to date.

***If you do not submit your time online before the deadline, you must fill out a paper time sheet.  These are located on the “Forms” page of the Human Resources website.***

For questions or help on entering time, please contact Human Resources at humanresources@groupmail.acu.edu or extension 2359