Approving Leave Reports

  • Log on to
  • Click on “Banner” at the top of the page
  • Click on “Employee”
  • Click on “Leave Report for Exempt Employees”
  • Select the radial dial that says “Approve or Acknowledge Time” or, if the “Approve or Acknowledge Time” radial does not appear, select the radial dial next to the period for which you want to approve time and then click on the “Select” box
  • A list of employees will appear with their Banner ID, name, position number, and total hours submitted
  • To view details of the leave report, click on the name of the employee
  • Once the leave time has been reviewed and is correct, click “Approve.”  If you notice errors, please click “Return For Correction.”  This will route the leave report back to the employee for correction.
  • If you select "Return for Correction," you must notify the employee. There is no automated notification. They will need to make corrections and re-submit it.
  • Check to make sure all employee leave reports show to be in “Approved” status on the summary page.

Note: If leave balances are incorrect, you may submit a Manual Correction of Leave Balances form.