Helpful ePAF Tips

  • Search ePAFs - Go to the ePAF Originator Summary page and look in the top middle for items listed in BLUE. Click “Search” then enter either a name, banner id or transaction number.
  • Sort ePAFs – select Originator Summary and look at the top of the list. The yellow triangles in each column will allow you to sort by Name, ID, Type of Change, Dates, or Status.
  • Review ePAFs - Select Originator Summary to review ePAFs that are in progress or complete. Notice that there are two tabs at the top. These allow you to view Current ePAFs or History ePAFS (those that have been completed).
  • Print ePAFs – these can be printed and used for file records, if necessary
  • Notify Approvers – currently there is no workflo to notify that an ePAF needs to be approved. Be sure to notify the first approver that they need to take action on the ePAF.
  • Query Date – The Query Date will default to the current date. Be sure to change it to the effective date (hire/change date) for the ePAF.
  • Job Begin Date – If employee has been paid on the position before, you will see “Last Paid Date: MM/DD/YYYY”. In this case, leave the Job Begin Date blank.

General ePAF Guidance

Student ePAF Transactions

Nonexempt (Staff) ePAF Transactions

Exempt (Staff) ePAF Transactions

Faculty ePAF Transactions

Temporary ePAF Transaction