Changing Direct Deposit Instructions

Removing Account/Changing Banks:

1. Log in to
2. Select the “Banner” link
3. Click on the “Employee” tab
4. Select the “Pay Information” link
5. Select the “Direct Deposit Allocation” link
6. Click the “Update Direct Deposit Allocation” link at the bottom of the page
7. In order to set up a new account, you will need to inactivate your current bank information. Select the bank account you would like to inactivate by clicking the “bank name” highlighted in blue.
8. Once you have selected your bank, it should look something like the picture below. You will need to check the “Inactivate” box and then click the “Save.”

 9. After you click “Save”, you should be directed to the previous screen. At the bottom of the screen there will be a place for you to set up your new account information.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you click the “Payroll Deposit” box. If you do not, you will be issued a paper check and required to pick it up in the Human Resources office.

10. Once you have filled out your new information, click the “Save” button.