Request for Staff

As ACU's Senior Leadership Team (SLT), one of our responsibilities is to ensure that ACU is a good steward of its resources -- both financial and human. Just as all of us watch our personal income and expenses carefully, it's imperative that all hiring managers also be aware of the university's need to carefully balance ACU's income (primarily student tuition and gifts from donors) with expenses.

Since about 60% of ACU's expenses are made up of salaries and benefits for faculty and staff, it's extremely important that the SLT carefully monitor the number of faculty and staff positions in order to balance them with student enrollment expectations. Managing our employee turnover today could help reduce the risk of position eliminations in the future. The SLT will regularly review employee turnover to assess how effectively ACU is managing our most important resource - our people.

We believe the exercise of going through the Request for Staff thought process will be beneficial to you, the hiring manager, as well as to the university as a whole. Thank you for helping us to be good stewards of our resources.