Employee Directory Address and Telephone Update Form

Please use this form to provide information to us so we can update your ACU addresses and telephone numbers for the directory.

We maintain the following addresses in Banner for ACU employees (part, half and full time faculty and staff only):

  • ACU Box: Type "BX"
  • Office Location: Type "OF"

 and the following telephone numbers tied to the office location address:

  • Office Telephone: Type "OFFC"
  • Office Fax: Type "FAX"

Employees are responsible for updating their own home (permanent) address and telephone number(s) on Banner Web.

New employees should provide all information. Current employees changing information should only provide the details that need adjusting, plus the required fields.

Please note: We only enter an employee's departmental ACU Box and office location addresses in Banner for full, half and part-time faculty and exempt, nonexempt and executive staff. We do not enter these addresses for students, temporary or casual employees.  

Upon submitting the form, please return to the top of the page to view the success message.