Retirement Information

It is critical to plan for your retirement. Making 403(b) contributions is an important step toward achieving your financial goals for later in life. We offer several options to help you make the most of your retirement and live a secure and happy life once your work years are behind you. A 403(b) plan can be a powerful tool in promoting financial security in retirement. The Abilene Christian University 403(b) Plan helps eligible employees save and invest for retirement while receiving certain tax advantages.

Full-time, reduced full-time and half-time employees can make a percentage of base pay contribution into a 403(b) retirement plan. In turn, the university will contribute a matching amount into the plan. Employees have the option of contributing an amount of 0% to 8% of base pay into the 403(b) retirement plan. ACU will then contribute an equal percentage of an employee’s base pay into the plan, to a maximum of 8%. This retirement option gives participants the freedom of allocation changes and a three-year cliff vesting.

For information on your retirement plans, please visit our TIAA-CREF website at The contact phone number for TIAA-CREF is 1-800-842-2733.

Employee Contribution Employer Matches
0% Mandatory 0%
1% Optional 1%
2% Optional 2%
3% Optional 3%
4% Optional 4%
5% Optional 5%
6% Optional 6%
7% Optional 7%
8% Optional 8%


Contributing to the Plan
If you are or will be age 50 or older in this calendar year and contribute the maximum allowed to your account, you may also make “catch-up contributions” to your account. The catch-up contribution is intended to help you accelerate your progress toward your retirement goals. Contact your Plan Administrator for more details.

Changing or Stopping Your Contributions
You may change the amount of your contributions any time. All changes will become effective as soon as administratively feasible and will remain in effect until modified or terminated by you. You may discontinue your contributions anytime. Once you stop making contributions, you may start again at any time.

Supplemental Retirement Annuity
Employees may also choose to pay additional funds into a tax sheltered Supplemental Retirement Annuity (SRA). However, these funds are not matched by the University. SRAs may be elected at the participant’s discretion; changes to the pretax deduction may be made at any time during the year. Any such election shall be effective with respect to Payroll Periods beginning after the Administrator’s receipt of the completed election form. Contact Human Resources for more information.

403(b) Salary Election Form
403(b) Summary Plan Document