Reimbursement of Student Entertainment Expenses

In an effort to help facilitate fellowship of faculty and staff with students outside the classroom, Abilene Christian University has promoted the reimbursement of entertainment. Entertainment reimbursement forms may be used to reimburse faculty and staff for expenses incurred due to off-campus entertaining of at least 8 currently enrolled students at a time. Each reimbursement is limited to a maximum of $40 which may be redeemed through Accounts Payable. The university will budget a total of $25,000 per fiscal year for this purpose. This budgeted amount will be used on a “first come, first served” basis.

Entertainment reimbursements must be used within the following guidelines:

1. Employees are limited to 10 reimbursable events per fiscal year. Any event that exceeds this number may be subject to being charged to the employee’s respective department.

2. Any reimbursements exceeding the university’s $25,000 per fiscal year limit will be charged back to that employee’s respective department.

3. Each entertainment reimbursement must have a supervisor’s approving signature. An employee may not sign for his or her own reimbursement.

The information on the reimbursement form must include the employee’s name and department, the number of students entertained, the date the students were in the employee’s home. The names of the students must be provided on the supplemented sign in sheet.