Miscellaneous Employment Benefit Programs

To summarize other group insurance programs Abilene Christian University offers.

This benefit applies to all employees of the university.

The following are brief summaries of these programs; contact the Human Resources Office at X2359 for more information.

Social Security
All employees are covered by Social Security. A required percentage of an employee's salary is deducted to pay the employee's portion of this protection, and the university matches this deduction dollar for dollar. This plan was designed for an employee's future security and that of his or her dependents by providing retirement, disability, death survivor and Medicare benefits. 

Unemployment Compensation
ACU is a participant in the Texas Unemployment Compensation Program. Coverage is provided for unemployment transpiring through no disqualifying fault of the employee. Decisions regarding eligibility are reserved to the State of Texas.

Workers' Compensation
The university carries insurance with Texas Mutual Insurance Company to cover the cost of work-related injury or illness. Benefits may help pay for an employee's medical treatment and for part of the income lost while recovering. To be assured of maximum coverage, all work-related accidents must be reported immediately by emailing humanresources@acu.edu or calling 325-674-2359.  Delays in reporting work-related accidents may result in forfeiture of workers’ compensation.

The Human Resources Office is responsible for administering the university’s Workers’ Compensation program.  Employees are required to notify their supervisor of work-related injuries or illnesses as soon as possible, even if such injury or illness occurs off-campus while within the scope of their work. If an employee is outside the local area, he/she should proceed to the nearest minor emergency clinic or emergency room, depending on the extent of the injury, and notify his/her supervisor after receiving treatment.

Supervisors should take the following actions for employees who are injured in the performance of their duties:

  • If an injury requires medical treatment, refer the employee to Dr. J’s Express Care
  • Call 911 for serious injuries to request assistance/transport to Hendrick Medical Center
  • Report the injury/illness to the Human Resources office
  • Fill out an Accident Report and turn it into the Human Resources office

ACU’s workers’ comp insurance allows injured employees to use their own medical provider to treat work-related injuries or illnesses, as long as the provider accepts workers’ compensation insurance.   It is the employee’s responsibility to verify if the healthcare provider accepts this insurance. An employee may choose to be treated by providers that will not accept workers’ compensation insurance but the employee will be responsible for paying for the medical treatment.

Refer to the Work Related Accidents and Injuries Policy to obtain additional guidance on workers’ comp requirements and procedures.

General Liability Insurance
The university carries general liability insurance to protect it and the public from any danger or injury due to the negligence of the university. In case of such damage or injury, the university should be notified immediately. No employee or department head is authorized in any manner whatsoever to assume or admit liability for and/or on behalf of the university.