Inclement Weather Procedures

To set parameters for who determines weather-related delays and closures, how and when delays and closures are announced, and to define which personnel are essential and non-essential.

Abilene Christian University will make every effort to maintain normal work hours even during inclement weather.  In the event that the University’s regular business operations are closed due to inclement weather prior to the start of the workday, announcements will be made as early as possible. 

This policy applies to all faculty and staff.

Essential Personnel:  Those personnel whose work is required for the safety and operation of the university.  These personnel include, but are not limited to, ACU Police Department, grounds and landscaping crews,  and physical resources personnel.

Non-essential personnel:  Those personnel whose attendance is not required for the safety and operation of the university.

Weather Delay/Closure Committee:  Membership consists of the Provost, the Director of Human Resources, Senior Advisor to the President, the Vice President of Student Life and Chief of Police.


 A. Notification Process

  1. Prior to normal start of the workday, members of the Weather Delay/Closure Committee will determine if the University is to be closed or if opening will be delayed due to inclement weather.  When Possible, decisions to close or delay opening will be posted and sent out by 6:00 a.m.
  2. Notifications of closure or delay will be sent in the following ways:  a) via the ACU Alert system, which will notify you by text message and/or email in the event of inclement weather or emergencies that occur on campus b) via an email sent from the Human Resources office and/or the ACU Police Department to all faculty and staff. For more details about ACU Alert and to sign up for it, please visit the ACU Alert website.
  3. In the event a decision is made to close school and University operations during the working day, the Human Resources office and/or the ACU Police department and ACU Alert system will send a notification as soon as such a decision is known.

B. Pay Policies: 
 In the event of a closure or delay, the following procedures will be followed for all non-essential personnel.

  1. For days when a closure announcement is made before the beginning of the workday, all faculty and staff (except for temporary staff) will receive pay based on their regularly scheduled workday.  Nonexempt employees should record their hours on their timesheet in the “Inclement Weather” line.
  2. If employees are sent home during the workday, all faculty and staff will receive pay for the rest of the workday based upon their regularly scheduled hours.
  3. In the event of inclement weather, when there is no announced delay or closure if an employee does not report to work, is unable to work, or leaves work early, leave balances will be charged or it may be listed as time off without pay.