Instructions & Form for International Student Employees

International students who work over a total of 20 hours per week (Sunday through Saturday) any week during the Fall or Spring semesters are subject to immigration status termination.  This is a federal regulation, not just an ACU requirement.  This termination is particularly detrimental to the student, as it marks their immigration record with illegal work in the United States and requires them to leave the US immediately.

The "International Student On-Campus Work Authorization Form" has been created to help avoid any students losing their immigration status, and is available online or in paper form in the HR office or the Center for International Education.

This form: 

  • Spells out the on-campus work limitations for international students
  • Requires signatures from (1) the CIE, (2) HR, (3) a current hiring manager (if there is a current job), (4) the proposed hiring manager (for new employment)

If you or your office employ international students it is vital that you: 

  • Take note of other on-campus employment an international student may have
  • Carefully work out a weekly schedule that allows the student to work 20 hours or less between all of their jobs
  • Carefully check electronic timesheets prior to approving them

If an international student submits more than 20 hours per week, they will be emailed by payroll and given 5 days to respond and let payroll know if an error has been made.  Hiring managers will be carbon copied.  If an error has not been made, the international student may be subject to having their immigration status terminated.

Additional resources available to you: 

  • A complete overview of the federal regulations regarding F-1 and J-1 international students working on campus, available on the Human Resources website.
  • Resources for international students:
    • View the presentation for new hires
    • View the presentation for students currently working

If you have questions, please contact the Center for International Education at 325-674-2710.