Personal Trainers

Jackie Beth Shilcutt —
Jackie Beth enjoys exploring movement possibilities, no matter if it is in the form of rock climbing, aerial dance, mountain yoga, partner stunting, or even freestyle walking. Jackie Beth's certifications include yoga, personal training, and group exercise. She also holds a degree in dance from the University of North Texas. Jackie Beth has spent two summers in Brazil studying Capoeira, teaching stilt workshops, and choreographing for various projects both stateside and internationally.

Ruthie Swedlund —
Ruthie believes that its never to late to choose a healthy life style and that starting over is the key to success. She is a graduate of ACU, mother of 3, and a marathoner. She understands how life can get in the way of your fitness goals. Having experienced life as an overweight, out of shape mom who has overcome a variety of health issues herself, she understands how hard it can be to start over. Going from fat to fit has given Ruthie insight into the physical, mental, and spiritual, struggles involved with lifestyle transformation. Ruthie is a Fitour Certified Personal Trainer and a USATF Certified Running Coach who has a passion for running, fitness, and nutrition. Let Ruthie's passion and enthusiasm for the transformation powers of fitness and nutrition help you reach your goals.

Josie Ornelas —
Josie values the importance of building muscle and the challenge that strength training provides. She is an ACU grad with a background in both tennis and long distance running. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition with a concentration in Exercise Science, as well as a certification in Personal Training. Her passion derives from the versatility of exercise and its impact on everyday encounters. Allow Josie’s spark to become a part of your workout regime and she will remain steadfast in you reaching your goals. Sign up for 1 on 1 or buddy training sessions today.

Eddie Boyer -
Eddie is a former pole-vaulter, sprinter and soccer player. He is an ACU grad holding a B.S in Psyc., and Christian Ministry, and is currently working on a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. He has a passion for backpacking, hiking, strength training and running. Over the last few years he has helped coach others in the gym and in race preparation. Eddie has completed 3 Marathons, multiple 5ks to 16 mile road and trail runs, a Sprint Triathlon, summited 16 mountains, and completed 70 miles on the Appalachian Trail. Eddie holds a Personal Training Certification along with a Wilderness First Responder Certification. If you have a goal to pursue, Eddie would love to help you reach it. You can sign up with him for personal sessions or get up to 3 friends to join you. 

Aaron Burch -
Aaron believes that having a healthy lifestyle is attainable for anyone. He is currently a junior at ACU with a major in Kinesiology with a Pre-Medical emphasis and holds a NCSF certification in Personal Training. He has a background in various sports including basketball, volleyball, and golf. He strongly believes in a well-rounded workout routine that emphasizes various techniques such as PNF stretching and HIIT training as well as incorporates physiological measurements that will aid in reaching specific goals. He has it down to a science! Let Aaron passionately push and encourage you to reach your goals.